About us

We specialized customized necklace,jhumkas,sets,bracelets,anklets and more..If you are a person who needs to be special,Here Nakshatra is the right choice .Our aim is to create unique terracotta jewels that brings out the best in you.All you need to do is just drop a mail at nakshatrabynarmatha@gmail.com with the product code and colour of your favorite stuffs respectively.you could also reach as on Narmatha-9965662646..we will get back to you on the availability and payment details.Please do like us to know more about and follow our updates...Hope you wont even miss a single piece of our rare collections..we are eagerly waiting and happy to hear from you..
Terracotta is a type of earthenware that made from natural clay.we provide an exceptional range of trendy and traditional terracotta jewellery which is truly eco friendly.The main feature is every minute piece are totally hand made which is extremely perfect to match your fabric both formal and casual as well.it improves value to women's natural beauty, as they originated from the nature itself.
Terracotta jewellery has always been enchanting.This is the only one jewellery that could be worn and suits in any functions. Our styles are really earthy,variety,rare and contemporary like your expectation.All in all, it is coming from natural clay..something from the earth itself..really amazing,right??Here is presenting exquisitely hand crafted clay jewellery Nakshatra-Discover The Beauty In You..